August 27 – Introductions

August 29, September 3, 5 – One Nation Under God

The Triumph of the Native American Church
Voices of the Native American Church
The Peyote Ceremony
Pharmacology, Legal Classification, and the Issue of Substance Abuse
The Legal Tango
Happy Ending

September 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, October 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22 – Peyote Religion

A History
The Plant
Peyote Eaters and Their Ceremonies
The Nineteenth Century
The Kiowa-Comanche Agency, Locus of Peyotism and the Two Ceremonies
The Spread of Peyote in Indian Territory
Early Efforts to Suppress Peyote
The Spread of Peyotism Beyond Oklahoma
Efforts to Pass a Federal Law
An International Church and the Further Spread of Peyotism on the High Plains
The Development of Peyotism in the Far West
The Navajo
Recent Developments

October 24 – REPORT #1 DUE

October 29, 31, November 5, 7, 12 – Peyote Religious Art

Symbols of Faith and Belief
The Peyote Religion and the Native American Church
Peyote Ceremonies and Ritual Instruments
Peyote Attire and Accessories
Peyote Painting Traditions
Peyote Artists and Religious Inspiration

November 14 – REPORT #2 DUE

November 19, 21 – Presentations, HANDOUT DUE

November 26, 28 – Fall Break

December 3, 5 – Presentations (cont.), HANDOUT DUE

December 10 – Conclusions, PAPER DUE